The Kaje talks Kendal Calling to Evil Nine

The pair of DJ’s have come along way since meeting in Brighton just over a decade ago. Since then they have been re writing the rules of what constitutes Breakbeat music and have created a following from not being afraid to try new things. With regular appearances from the duo at London’s “Fabric” and Sheffield’s “Urban Gorilla” We get a chance to chat to them about swapping the big town for the quiet life when they play Kendal Calling in just under a month:

What does the Lake District mean to you?

I guess it’s the sort of place that reminds us how beautiful the English countryside can be and how lucky we are to have it on our doorstep. Peoples’ first thoughts are to go abroad on holiday but I could just as easily drink in the awesomeness of the Lake District or the New Forest, is this interview for the Lake District Tourism Board?

What’s the best thing about the English countryside?

It’s here, it’s in England and you can just jump in a car and go enjoy it. Walks, picnics, beautiful wildlife or a quick game of Boules, you name it the English countryside can provide.

Kendal Calling celebrates its fifth birthday this year – what’s the best birthday present you’ve given/received?

My girlfriend bought me a gold ring thats shaped as a eagle claw holding a red garnet stone from a bespoke jewellery shop in Brighton called Baroque, the websites by the way.

What makes small independent festivals so special?

The big festivals are fun but the commercial aspect of them kinda gets me down and the big acts seem to be getting more and more dull and middle aged, you do get to see some great classic artists once in a while but I’d rather see new bands headlining the main stages. Oh and they have less flags than the big festivals.

Where did you make your first festival appearance as an artist and how was it for you?

I think the first festival we did was Glade, I could be wrong though. It was all a massive blur really but i do remember the gig being pretty amazing and the crowd being a lot more up for it than the clubs we’d played in previously. We used to play a lot of free parties in the countryside in Brighton and I remember thinking it was like playing at one but we were getting paid for the privilege.

What’s your preferred way to commune with nature?

A nice walk in the Lake District?

When are you at your most creative/inspired?

I guess it’s after a good weekend of gigs when you’ve still got the buzz from playing in front of a bunch of people or after hearing some new music by another artist old or new that blows your mind and opens you up to new sounds.

What’s your best/worst festival memory?

We had a live gig with our band at Glastonbury and it was cancelled due do storms while we were in a queue trying to get in and they weren’t letting people in or out so we ended up dropping half the band off at the train station and going to the pub until they started letting people back into the festival. The next day i queued up for an hour backstage to have a shower and once i got in it someone had done a massive duke (poopy) in it, I had to have a shower squashed into the opposite corner and i think it was winking at me. The rest of the festival was my favourite Glastonbury though.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt from festival life?

Take an inflatable air mattress.

Apart from your set, how will you spend the rest of the festival weekend?

To be honest we probably won’t be at the festival for long because we’ll have another gig to go to but i would imagine it would be trying to see as many acts as possible, eating festival food and drinking a lot of booze.

What’s the most fun you can have in a field?

Go to Kendall Calling of course.



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