ALBUM REVIEW: Feeder “Renegades”

Release Date: 05.07.2010
Label: Big Teeth Music

The uncertainty in relation to are they “Feeder” or are they “Renegades” is now over. The release of Feeder’s seventh studio album, “Renegades”, has quashed those fears.  The side project introduce to crowds the new material without the need to play the Feeder back-catalogue and that was that. “So how does it sound?” – you ask…

The story of Feeder is littered with tracks that are made for a gig or festival, and many people’s happiest musical moments (maybe you can take out the musical?) are at a Feeder gig. So much so, that when someone says “feeder who?”, you are left gob-smacked. Well, the return of the much-loved Feeder sees a return to a heavier, darker sound. The first single, ‘Call Out’, signals what Feeder is all about.

Some suggest that their lyrics aren’t always of the same quality as the melodies and the guitars, and once you see the lyrics written down it gets you thinking and mulling over exactly why you like the track. ‘Call Out’ is guilty of this with the line “If you wanna hear this song, you don’t have to wait too long”, which is slightly embarrassing. But, and this is a big BUT, we still love the track! And that is the power of Feeder. The proper part of the chorus, “If you wanna hear this song…You just call out our name”, leaves you in doubt what ill happen at a gig.

The lethargy of “Comfort in Sound”, and everything it encapsulated at the time, is a distant memory with “Renegades” appearing energetic, aggressive and edgy. The title track exhibits all of these traits with an innate ability to remain melodic throughout. ‘City In A Rut’ and ‘This Town’ are both as different as they are loud. Both have the edgy feel which runs throughout the album, and neither comprises on the “Feeder aspect” – with the punky guitar riffs, imposing drums and a melody streaming through the heart of the track.

Other tracks of note include ‘Down By The River’ which has you reaching for your “Creed” label, if only for the few seconds before a lisp-less Brent Nicholas (thankfully) appears.

Overall, not everyone will be pleased at where Feeder have gone with this album. However, the band have done their homework, the “Renegades” live tour has served its role with the focus-group element leading to this album. It is edgy, has the punky sound with moments of wild-abandonment and a chance to befriend for some long-lost fans, whilst making some new ones. You couldn’t really ask for more.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Constantinos Kypridemos


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