The Kaje talks “Dreamcoats & Petticoats to Alexis Gerred

Ok, so Alexis Gerred may have missed out on representing the UK at Eurovision, but some may say he has had a more than lucky escape. Whilst Josh Dubovie finished in an embarrassing last place, Alexis has seen his career go from strength to strength. When The Kaje first spoke to Alexis back in our May issue, he was about to make his West End debut. Having proved a phenomenal success in “Dirty White Boy”, Alexis has just been announced as the lead of the new cast for the majorly succesful “Dreamboats & Petticoats”. Pretty impressive eh?

Thankfully for you, Alexis is not about to get too big for his boots. The still lovely Alexis enjoyed speaking to The Kaje back in May, that he was only too happy to update us on this latest development…

Having narrowly lost out to Josh Dubovie to represent the UK at Eurovision, do you feel lucky to have escaped given Josh’s final position?

I really believe that taking part in “Your Country Needs You” was a valuable experience. I met some great people including Josh and I am pleased that we have remained friends. However, I do feel lucky in that since appearing on the show, I have been given the most amazing opportunities. I have met and am now fortunate to be working with some hugely influential industry people, which is really exciting.

In stark contrast, your career is going from strength to strength in the West End. How did you enjoy “Dirty White Boy”?

I really enjoyed my role in “Dirty White Boy” especially as the part I played had not been performed before. This gave me an opportunity to develop and create the character which was great fun.

And now “Dreamboats and Petticoats”, can you tell us more about your role in the production?

I play the part of Bobby who is a somewhat awkward but musically talented teenager. In short, Bobby chases after a girl who really isn’t that interested and then ignores another who obviously has a thing for him! Bobby nearly blows it but music brings them together!

“Dreamboats and Petticoats” has been very successful, both on tour and in the West End. Do you feel any extra pressure taking on an already established role?

Before being given the part of Bobby, I had seen the show a couple of times on tour and in the West End. It’s a really up beat show and I just love live music. The team behind the show know what is required and I know what is expected. I am really excited and looking forward to the challenge.

Have you fully given up the pop star dream?

I have always said that as long as I am able to sing, I’m a very happy man and I certainly get to sing lots in “Dreamboats” so as you would imagine, I am ecstatic! As well as this, I am very fortunate to have met an amazing singer songwriter, Beverley Skeete. She is a great talent and we are working together producing some original material. It is sounding good and I am very excited about it.

You told us that “Dirty White Boy” was an easing into the medium, given that fact it was primarily a singing role. Will there be more acting involved in the piece this time around?

Yeah, with “Dirty White Boy” I played a few small parts as well as the title role. “Dreamboats” is totally different, in that I play one character. It’s actually Bobby’s story so the audience has to believe in Bobby to make it work.

Tony Christie will be playing your Dad, making his stage debut. Has he been able to offer any advice on a music career?

Tony’s a lovely guy although it has been all work and no play at the moment! However, I would certainly welcome any advice that he can offer!

How have you found working with both Tony Christie and the rest of the cast?

We all share a common goal which is to put on a really good show, It’s early days but we are all making new friendships and we all support each other which is great.

You are already in rehearsals, any funny anecdotes you can share?

The show requires most of the principles to drive battery operated bumper cars across the stage. I have never learnt to drive… so this was a bit of a challenge for me! On more than one occasion I have come close to showing Tony Christie the way to A&E rather than Amarillo!

And finally, what sentence would you use to describe your year so far…

Everything happens for a reason and I am having the time of my life.


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