The Kaje talks Kendal Calling to DJ Yoda

DJ YodaHaving been on the Festival circuits for some time, DJ Yoda has taken them by storm with his innovative multimedia performances. Combining his “Scratch and Mix” visuals with his trademark “cut up” bootleg mixes and sampling everything from Indiana Jones to The Muppet Theme, he certainly knows how to please and entertain his audience to the max. Playing at the Kendal Calling festival in August we managed to have a quick chat with him to find out more.

What does the Lake District mean to you?

Mainly Kendal Mint Cake, which is pretty awesome. I also have a very good holiday with some mates there when I was about 20. We ended up in a really naff club in Keswick I think. ·

What’s the best thing about the English countryside?

I have done a lot of travel over the last few years, and I still genuinely feel that the English countryside is the best in the world. Perhaps I’m biased because I’m from here, but everywhere else is just too dry or hot or dusty or barren. English countryside kicks arse. ·

Kendal Calling celebrates its fifth birthday this year – what’s the best birthday present you’ve given/received?

I’m not sure about best present, but the best birthday party I ever had was a couple of years ago. We hired out this club in South London that hadn’t finished being built yet, but it had a roof terrace and a hot tub. (No time machine). It was all my mates and mates of mates, and I got extremely drunk and DJ’d for too long. ·

What makes small independent festivals so special?

There’s a special vibe at the smaller festivals, where everyone kind of clubs together a bit more. Anything that’s too big gets a bit anonymous usually, so it’s kind of the opposite of that. ·

Where did you make your first festival appearance as an artist and how was it for you?

Wow, that’s a really hard question actually. I’ve been Djing at festivals so many years that it’s hard to remember my first. There was one time absolutely ages ago that I was supposed to be playing at Glastonbury, but it was all super un-official. The people at the gate didn’t believe my story that I was there to DJ, so I ended up scaling a fence with a box of records just to get in. ·

What’s your preferred way to commune with nature?

Walking my dog! Do it every day – good no-turntables-time. ·

When are you at your most creative/inspired?

I get ideas for parts of my DJ or AV sets at totally random times. Quite often on the toilet though. I keep a long list of notes on my phone that I add to whenever something comes to me. But yeh, the toilet. Ha. ·

What’s your best/worst festival memory?

Performing my video show at both Glastonbury and Bestival last summer were very special moments for me. Massive crowds, like 10,000 people, but a ridiculously good atmosphere at both. ·

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt from festival life?

Don’t park your car on a muddy hill. ·

Apart from your set, how will you spend the rest of the festival weekend?

Festivals are always a good chance for me to check out other artists performing. If I get the time I’d love to see The Coral. Or Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer! ·

What’s the most fun you can have in a field?

Um, probably something food-related. Like with Hugh Fearnley-Thingy at River Cottage and a huge pile of vegetables.


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