The Kaje talks Kendal Calling to The Futureheads

The Sunderland quartet may have named themselves after a Flaming Lips album and burst onto the music scene with a riotous cover version of a Kate Bush song, but they did it with panache and flair. So much so that they were unforgettable and have proven themselves to be one of the best bands of the noughties. With four albums under their belt, the quartet are looking forward to a summer of festival appearances. We at the The Kaje were lucky enough to find out more about Kendal Calling from lead singer and guitarist Barry Hyde….

What does the Lake District mean to you?

The Lake District is the water-making machine of our lovely little island. I used to stay in plenty of rickety, spider-filled cottages in the Lakes as a child. It’s stunning.

What’s the best thing about the English countryside?

The GREEN. Also the lack of light and sound pollution.

Kendal Calling celebrates its fifth birthday this year – what’s the best birthday present you’ve given/received?

Getting= a Chinese takeaway
Giving= A surprise visit for my wife.

What makes small independent festivals so special?

The bespoke festival is great because it is full of character and subsequently characterful people. Nice food also. Nice size. I organise a festival in Sunderland. This is our second year. I love festivals of all sizes. But sometimes the bigger ones are harder to love because the idiot verses decent person ratio seems to increase with BIG ones. Such is life.

Where did you make your first festival appearance as an artist and how was it for you?

I think it was Glastonbury 2002. We played The John Peel stage. It was brilliant. We were over the moon. Still are.

What’s your preferred way to commune with nature?

On a bicycle. Nature is everywhere, even in New York where I am now. Pigeons, squirrels and trees still count, even if they are covered in smog and scum. The countryside is a PERFECTION of nature. You can learn everything about reality from looking at one stream. Or you can ignore the whole thing if you choose. Up to you.

When are you at your most creative/inspired?

After one beer. Or one hundred! A hangover unlocks the hidden source of energy. Unless it’s a scrumpy hangover, which is basically a living breathing experience of what I imagine hell would be like.

What’s your best/worst festival memory?

Once, when I was a lad, me and Jaff went to Leeds Festival, we took no money and no food. We thought we’d be ‘clever’ and have a huge meal before we left. Our tent broke, there was a deluge, and we had to beg out friends for food. Silly boys. To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail.

Apart from your set, how will you spend the rest of the festival weekend?

We never get to stay at festivals because we usually have to drive to Holland or Italy in 10 minutes. If we do get to stay then I will revel and be festive like everyone else. Festivals are an ancient tradition. The blend of light and sound resonates with us all. It’s all we know. We need it more than most people will allow themselves to realise. We call them squares! They watch festivals on the television. Bless them. Let’s rock.

What’s the most fun you can have in a field?

I think that you know exactly what that is! It’s not flying a kite, let’s just leave it at that.


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