The Kaje talk Standon Calling to Efterklang

Danish indie-popstars Efterklang have been steadily building their British fanbase. Since their 2004 debut “Tripper”, the Copenhagen based quintet have been exploring the interchange between the live and recorded medium and often perform with an extra five members. Now signed to UK independent label 4AD, the quintet will be one of the many exciting acts at Standon Calling. The Kaje were lucky enough to find out more from vocalist Casper Clausen.

What does the word Efterklang mean and why did you select it for your band title?

It is Danish for reverberation, but it is also used for remembrance. Efter is Danish for “after” and klang means sound or tone. We like the word for its double meaning.

How would you describe the new record “Magic Chairs”?

It feels like the most open minded album we’ve made till date. We’ve allowed ourselves to explore the potential of simply being a band, playing together at the same time in the same room (more or less). One big part goal was to capture the sound & energy of our live band, which we feel have been developing a lot since our previous album “Parades”.

Which song would you recommend off the new album?

I’ll leave that up to you. 

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

It has evolved quite a lot. For every album we make we try to challenge ourselves to come up with a new sound or approach to our sound and music. We also get more and more experienced and we have learned a lot of things since we started. A LOT!

Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of them?

The songs are usually started out by myself, Mads, or our secret 5th member Rune M’lgaard. We work pretty intuitively, rarely think too much about a theme or story. If it sounds good, we go with it. Then after a  while, there will appear a suiting story or a picture, but that’s when you know the song started living on it’s own.

What are your music career goals for the next few years?

 We recently had a lot of talks about this and I feel we came to a good conclusion… Our ambition is to be able to create the music we feel for and want to create. We enjoy playing music together and making music and that is our ambition. To be able to continue do that in the speed we want to and in the way we want to.

Does Efterklang have a message as a band? What are you trying to put out there?

Oh yes, but that’s top secret.

What is the first gig you ever went to?  And what has been your favourite gig (that you have attended)?

The first gig I went to was at the local youth club, watching a bunch of bands covering Nirvana, Pearl Jam & Guns N’ Roses, while eating toast, drinking red soda with a straw and playing ping pong in the changeovers. Einstuerzende Neubauten in Pumpehuset, Copenhagen 2004, is probably one of my favourite concerts ever.


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