LIVE REVIEW: Straight Lines, Birmingham Academy 2, 25.06.2010

Supporting The Get-Up Kids in the O2 Academy’s smaller venue, with the Scissor Sisters due to play downstairs in the main venue, and with the crowd quietly tip-toeing in for the main act was always going to be a tough one to handle. However, Straight Lines took on the challenge this evening and ended up entertaining the growing crowd.

I can honestly say that I am never sure what to expect at the more ‘punky’ gigs. What they sound like on a produced track and what they sound like live can be two mutually exclusive events – a lesson I learnt quickly at a Vendetta Red gig many years ago! Billed by many as ‘pop-punk’, the four lads from Pontypridd entered to Reade & Gibson’s “Antique Roadshow” theme which is impressive in its own right, and began what was an energetic set which included their own pair of dancers on the floor in some very small dresses.

It quickly becomes apparent that Straight Lines are into the heavier end of the pop-punk genre. “Funeral for a Friend”, “Lost Prophets” and “Kids in Glass Houses” are always bandied about in the same breath as Straight Lines, if for no other reason than they are from Wales, but Straight Lines are definitely following in the footsteps of those bands. The energy in their lyrics and music, and also their own energy on stage draws you in. Before you know it a foot is twitching and that is only the start.

The speed of their set is pretty impressive with little inane chatter, to focus the crowd away from the music, bar a quick bit of banter between vocalist Tom Jenkins and bassist Todd Campbell about Tom’s farming roots. And the strange times keep on coming with the perceived end of their gig, some of the crowd actually applaud the band instead of cheering, before the anthemic rock ending.

Overall,  Straight Lines are carving out their own destiny, and tonight’s gig had that force behind it which you should go check out. Maybe it wasn’t a sell out gig, maybe they aren’t the finished article yet, but give them time…

Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Constantinos Kypridemos


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  1. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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