ALBUM REVIEW: Lucky Soul “Coming Of Age”

Label: Ruffa Lane
Release Date: 19.04.2010

Greenwich based DIY-sters  Lucky Soul almost never made a follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut “The Great Unwanted”.  It was not due a lack of want, but rather finances.  Having established their own record label, Ruffa Lane, the group found themselves awaiting royalties from “The Great Unwanted” before they could continue.  The situation got so bad that founding member Andrew Laidlaw even moved into the groups dark and dank studio due to his lack of cashflow.  Yet they saw it through.  Rather than run into the real world, the group pulled together and produced “Coming Of Age”, a bright collection of good old-fashioned pop.

From the opening cry of ‘dark times ahead’ on the irrepressibly catchy opener ‘Woah Billy!’ through the winsome wondering of closer ‘Could Be I Don’t Belong Anywhere’ it clear that though the journey wasn’t an easy one, it was one worth making.  Lucky Soul stand out.  The female fronted sextet know their music and never try to be anything that they aren’t. Whilst so many acts nowadays try to be someone else, Lucky Soul have learnt lessons from their idols but never tried to replicate.

Ali Howard is Dusty Springfield meets Karen Poole.  Her lush vocal is enticing and varied.  Knowingly confused on ‘A Coming Of Age’, her wistful musings are challenged at every turn by a masterful musical composition.  ‘Warm Water’ sees her lost and dejected, with a simple arrangement enhancing the tender beauty of her tone.  The innocence of ‘Southern Melancholy’ (think Sandy in Grease) could not be further removed the determined ‘White Russian Doll’ (with subtle echoes of early Tori Amos). “Could Be I Don’t Belong Anywhere” exhumes the power of Dusty’s delivery without ever sounding copycat.

Always honest in their emotions, be it lyrically or musically, Lucky Soul stand out in a market saturated with half-truths.  By having suffered for their art, they are unafraid when it comes to expressing their inner thoughts.

“Coming Of Age” is without doubt a record to tell your friends about.  From the simple stylish album artwork through to the unforgettable melodies, the album is a gem to treasure.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams


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